Become a Scout

Skills for Life

Scouting provides skills for life and is also great fun. Join one of our groups in Southwark District and start the adventure!

Make new friends

Our Scout meetings are a chance to meet up with your friends, have a laugh and try a new, exciting activity. You’ll meet lots of new people who, just like you, want to do something a bit different.

Join the adventure

Learn to climb a wall, ride a mountain bike or crawl through a cave. The Scouts programme in our groups is full of new activities to try and will get you out and about in the district and further afield. Become a Scout with us and join the adventure.

Get outdoors

As a Scout, you get to explore the big outdoors and travel to new places and try new things. You’ll be putting up a tent or swinging under a tree in a hammock in no time.

Find a local Scout Group and join in the fun!

Click on a local group and follow the link to their website for details on how to join.

All groups in South London are also listed on the South London Scouts County website with forms you can fill in to apply to join.