Cub Scouts all over the country meet together in Packs, and take part in all sorts of different activities. 


Cub Scouts are boys and girls aged between eight and ten and a half. They all make the same promise and take part in the same ceremonies. 

Every Pack has a Cub Scout Leader (usually called “Akela”) plus some assistant leaders and other helpers.

The Cub Scouts were started by Robert Baden-Powell in 1916 using some of the themes from the book The Jungle Book written by his friend, Rudyard Kipling. 

To be a Cub Scout you’ll need to enjoy:

  • Having lots of fun
  • Trying out loads of new things
  • Playing all sorts of exciting games
  • Making tons of new friends
  • Exploring

What Cubs do

If you become a Cub Scout you will:

  • Play games
  • Make things
  • Take part in songs, story telling and drama
  • Go on visits and meet visitors
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Take part in activities with others
  • Help other people
  • Find out about themes
  • Take part in prayer, worship and reflection
  • Take part in team challenges
  • Try new things

As well as our weekly meeting, we take part in all sorts of activities at weekends and in the holidays. There are district and county competitions where you get the chance to try out some of the skills you might have learnt as a Cub or at home or school. We also go on Pack trips and outings – we might have a visit to the ice rink or go for an Adventure walk around the town or into the countryside. And, of course, we do plenty of camping – sometimes on our own and sometimes with other Cub Scouts.